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Machu Picchu Mountain

Apart from Huayna Picchu, there is another mountain you can climb: Machu Picchu mountain. Also for Machu Picchu mountain you require a special ticket that you need to reserve when booking your Machu Picchu ticket. The demand for Machu Picchu mountain tickets is less high than for Huayna Picchu Tickets.

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Machu Picchu Mountain offers less steep, wider and less scary trails than Huayna Picchu. The road is wide and well-marked. Therefore, the hike is suitable for tourists of any age, and it is ideal if you come with children or older people.

Another advantage is that you do not necessarily have to reach the top to enjoy the impressive scenery and get great views. You can easily stop in the middle of the ascend you can take amazing photos of Machu Picchu.

View Machu Picchu Peru
To Machu Picchu Mountain
Machu Picchu Mountain Climb

From the main entrance of Machu Picchu, follow the upper-trail in the direction of the Guardhouse. Small wooden signs signal the way the start of the trailhead, which is also the same path which leads to the Sun Gate (Inti Punku).

Shortly after the Guardhouse, to turn right and follow the path which climbs up through the agricultural terracing. Follow the trail for another 15 minutes till the wardens' hut. Here you need to register and show your passport + entrance ticket.

The Machu Picchu Mountain trek is considered to be a moderate to challenging trek.

Adventure Trek Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu Mountain Hike

Following an original stone Inca Trail and continuously acceding to the summit, a good level of fitness is required. During the wet season, the trail can become more slippery.