The Inca Trail
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Inca Trail Tours

Inca Trail Tours

Without a doubt, the most popular trek of South America, the four-day classic Inca Trail follows original footsteps of the Inca’s to the lost city Machu Picchu. Along the way, trekkers are treated to a wide variety of impressive Inca sites and stunning Peruvian scenery.

Although there is only one classic Inca Trail (the 4 day Inca Trail that arrives at the Sun Gate on the 4th day and descends to the Inca Citadel from here), there are two shorter Inca Trails that are interesting too (especially if this Classic Inca Trail is sold out, or, when you don’t want or cannot do the 4 day hike). A well known alternative Inca Trail is the two-day Inca Trail that includes one day of hiking and one day visiting Machu Picchu).

If you leave Cusco very early on day 1, you can make it back on the same day: the one day Inca Trail. The 1-day Inca Trail is exactly the same as the two-day Inca Trail but without the overnight in Aguas Calientes and the second entrance of day 2. The guided Machu Picchu tour is offered on day 1, after arriving at the citadel.

Inca Trail 4 days
Inca Trail 4 days

The four day Inca trail brings you along ancient narrow paths deep into the Peruvian countryside and high into the Andean

Inca Trail 2 days
Inca Trail 2 days

This short version of the famous and stunning four day Inca Trail is perfect if you have less time but do not want to miss the opportunity

Inca Trail 1 Day
Inca Trail

The one day Inca trail is the same hike as the 2-day Inca Trail but without the additional night in Aguas Calientes. This full-day