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Inca Trail Weather

Generally speaking, the Inca Trail weather varies along the length of the trek and can be pretty unpredictable and difficult to foresee. The Inca trail weather does not only depend on the month of the year, but it also varies as you pass through different microclimates. In other words, the Inca Trail weather can change from day to day and from location to location. You better prepare for variable circumstances.

Inca Trail weather: day by day

During the Inca trail Peru you can experience cold, sun, hot, dry and wet moments. Usually, the days are usually bright and sunny. If rain falls, often the temperature will drop, and it can feel colder. During the nights, it can be quite cold.

The first two days, it will most likely be drier, and it can be more humid on the third and fourth days of the Inca Trail Peru. During the nights, the first two campsites are often cold, while the third night is more temperate.

Rainy Season Inca Trail
Rainy Season Cusco
Inca Trail: the rainy season

Although rain can make the hike a little more difficult and the Inca Trail is less popular in the rainy season, on the other hand, the landscapes benefit from the rain and are green and lush. Also, the trail will be less crowded.

Please note that the Inca Trail is closed in February, partly due to heavy rains that can cause erosion but also for maintenance and clean up.

Best time for the Inca Trail

We can say that the months between April and November are considered the best time for the Inca trail. Note that especially the nights are colder between half of May and half of July. January and March are the wettest months.

Month Temperature Average Precipitation (mm) Wet Days (+0.25 mm)
Average Record
Min Max Min Max
Jan 7 20 3 28 163 18
Feb 7 21 2 27 150 13
March 7 21 2 26 109 11
April 4 22 -4 26 51 8
May 2 21 -4 26 15 3
Jun 1 21 -5 25 5 2
July -1 21 -9 25 5 2
Aug 1 21 -5 25 10 2
Sept 4 22 -1 27 25 7
Oct 6 22 -1 29 66 8
Nov 6 23 1 28 76 12
Dec 7 22 1 27 137 16