The Inca Trail
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The beautiful city of Cusco is a popular tourist destination and the gateway to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. Cusco is a UNESCO world heritage site and considered Latin America’s archaeological capital.

Walking through the streets of Cusco, you will be impressed by the architecture and the combination of Spanish colonial and Incan elements that will leave you speechless. Many consider the city of Cusco, one of the best tourist destinations not only in Latin America but even worldwide. There is an infinity of places to discover and activities to be done, including visiting Machu Picchu.

Main Square Cusco Peru
Qoricancha Cusco Peru

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Cusco, the capital of the former Inca empire, is located at an altitude of 3400 above sea level, an hour flight from the Peruvian capital Lima. The small historic centre is beautiful; there are (colonial) houses, churches, museums as well as Inca streets. Highlights are the Cathedral, the Temple of the Sun (Qqoricancha), the Plaza de Armas, the typical neighbourhood of San Blas, as well as the nearby ruins of which Sacsahuaman is the biggest and most impressive. The fortress of Sacsayhuaman is located just two kilometres from Cusco, and it was one of the most important sacred places for the Incas.

The city centre of Cusco is full of churches, narrow alleys, and spacious plazas. Wandering through the streets of Cusco will allow you to discover a part of Peru’s history and richness in terms of cultural and natural diversity.

Sacsayhuaman Cusco Peru
Sacred Valley Moras Cusco

As a popular tourist destination, Cusco offers so much more than culture and history. There are many lovely cafes and restaurants, bars, souvenir shops etc. For your accommodation, choose between backpacker or party hotels, to hip and elegant boutique hotels or bed and breakfast, cosy family hotels, modern hotels and beautiful and very expensive hotels in top locations.

Nearby Cusco, at approximately 30 kilometres, you can visit the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas. Once you’ve passed the village of Pisac, the road descends, and you see villages as Calca, Urubamba, Chicheros and Ollantaytambo while crossing the valley. The scenery is stunning.

The four day Inca Trail starts at kilometre 88 in the Sacred Valley.