Machu Picchu agricultural sector

Machu Picchu

This sector is located on the southern sector of the complex, and forms terraces on both sides of the mountain. From the Eastern side comes the path which connects the city with the Inti Punku and the Inca Trail. In this area was found a quantity of tombs, and for this reason is called the SUPERIOR cemetery. Within this cemetery is found a huge lithic rock with some carved forms, known as the Funerary Rock. This rock has been polished and appears to have been a table of operations that probably served to embalm bodies of priests or important people, or maybe to make some kind of ritual or sacrifice of humans or animals.

Machu Picchu - Agricultural Sector At the head of the agricultural sector there is a small construction that permits observation of the accesses to the city from the south side, and as such is called the Caretakers House, which was probably its principal function. Also on the eastern side of the sector, where visitors would have entered, there is a series of five houses, one in each level of the terraces. Bingham called these the Houses of the Guardians, because they seem to control each of the most important accesses to the city.

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