Inca Trail Tours

Visitors come from all parts of the world to Peru, not only to see Machu Picchu but to walk the Inca Trail Peru, the most famous hike in South America. They come to see the ruins and the scenery which makes this trail so famous. The total distance of the Inca trail is approximately 43 kilometres, departing from the place known as Kilometre 88.

Inca Trail - Warmi Wañuska


The Inca Trail Peru, with Machu Picchu as it´s final destination, is the best known and most popular hike among tourists. The total hike is about 45 kms and it takes four days alltogether, including a one day visit to the ruins.

Inca Trail - Wiñaywayna


This is the short version of the famous and stunning Inca Trail Peru. We start at km. 104 and we walk till the ruins of Wiñahuayna. Next day we depart very early to Inti Punco, the entrance of Machu Picchu at 2,650 meter above sea level.


Inca Trail Salkantay - MachupicchuDescription:

This is a fantastic adventure!! You will cross one of the most astonishing Andean landscapes and see the most beautiful panoramic views of mountain chains. Furthermore, you will pass through a big variety of habitats and environments, you will see snow peaked mountains and will be in the vicinity of the tropical rainforest .


Choquequirao: Mine of Gold


The archeological monument of Choquequirao corresponds with an Inca City which has scattered sectors with divers functions and which communicates by means of footpaths to the main square.

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