The territories of Cusco feel the influence of the macro-climate created by great masses of coming air the southern forest, off the highlands, and even from the distant region of Patagonia. The winds off the southern forest bring masses of humid air, blown by the eastern trade winds.

The winds which come from the Peruvian or Bolivian Highlands are colder and dryer, as those that come from Patagonia, and they generally suppose climatic events on a bigger scale. These come from the southeast.

On the other hand, the local winds which enter the valleys and plains of Cusco serve to distribute warmth and humidity during the day.

There are two climatic periods: the rainy season, from November until March and the dry period, from April until October.


Warm climate (humid and dry)
Humid: The areas of the low forest, as in the north of Urubamba and the eastern part of the department at the mouths of the Pillcopata and Araza valleys.

Precipitation: More than 1,000 mm. a year.

  • Maximum: around 30°
  • Median: between 23° and 25°
  • Minimum: around 20°


The warm, dry climates, on the other hand, are in the low yungas, which appear, in the form of a canyon, in the basin of the river Apurimac, in the centre and southeast of the department.
Precipitation: Less than 500 mm. a year.

  • Maximum: to 32°
  • Median: between 17° and 18°
  • Minimum: to 4.4°

Temperate (humid and dry)
Climates in the valleys of the central area of the territories of Cusco, where the difference in humidity is marked by location on the slope. The proximity of the east implies more humidity, while the vicinity of the west implies more dryness. The areas of temperate climates are of vital importance for the establishment of the population.

  • Maximum: to 29°
  • Median: between 11° and 16°
  • Minimum: between 7° and -4°

Cold (humid and dry)
You find this climate especially in the high areas of the valleys, in the punas and in the regions surrounded by glaciers, as well as in areas higher than 3,800 msnm.

  • Maximum: to 10°
  • Median: depends on the altitude
  • Minimum: below 0°

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