“The Inca Trail” is well known phrase on every avid travelers lips and Cusco is the “Gate Way” to reach this magnificent trail! Each day there are 500 people trekking the length of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and each one of those people must start their excursion from Cusco. Cusco is an intriguing city with and endless amount of ancient and mysterious Inca culture that has been beautifully fused with the elegant Catholic religion.

During your first few days in Cusco it is recommended to “take it easy” and acclimate to the high altitude of 3,400m. Have a good amount of rest, rehydrate with plenty of water and warm yourself with the traditional Mate de Coca or “coca tea”. It has a unique ability to help you combat the effects of altitude sickness.

After a good day of rest it is time to get out and about and enjoy what Cusco has to offer. You can take a Cusco City Tour where you will visit the grand Cathedral on the Plaza, Qoricancha or “the Temple of the Sun”, and the four tremendous archeological sites on the hills next to the city. Or take a day tour to the Sacred Valley, the name in itself gives the impression of something not to be missed!

If you fancy a nice eat out try the Inca Grill or Limo Restaurant on the Plaza de Armas or Chicha Chicha which has been opened by one of Peru’s most acclaimed chefs, Gaston Accurio. For a cheaper option try a set menu which can be found in the myriad of streets around the center. These are usually valued at around S/.10 and we guarantee you will not leave the restaurant hungry! If you are wondering around looking for a hearty breakfast visit Jack’s Café, it is an English style café for those who are feeling a little home sick.

In the evening, if you are looking to enjoy some of the great Cusco nightlife, visit Piskuo or Mushrooms, both on the Plaza de Armas and try Peru’s national drink, the “Pisco sour”. Tell your friends that you have been at the highest Irish Pub in the world, head over to Paddy’s Pub for a pint! If you are interested in the real Peruvian experience try out Ukukus on Calle Plateros or Siete Angelitos in San Blas and you will surely find an impressive live band playing tributes that sound “just like the real thing”!

The most important thing that you remember of Cusco is being immersed in the culture and the experience. Walk around the streets of San Blas and find the “12 angled stone”, visit the San Pedro market and have a delicious fruit juice, walk around the Plaza de Armas and take a ridiculous amount of pictures to show your friends and family what a marvelous place the ancient city of Cusco really is!

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